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Five Reasons to Choose Vinyl Flooring for Your Bathroom

When you think about vinyl flooring I understand you imagine that tacky things from the 70’s, however it actually has actually altered a lot.

When we relocated right into our home in 2014 there was carpet in the master bathroom vanity location. Who puts carpet in a washroom? Tip: Everyone in 1986. ICK!!! We tore it up as well as planned to change it right away however got sidetracked by other tasks (you understand, the ones visitors would certainly see). We dealt with that sub-floor for a very long time.

While intending our bathroom I looked at hundreds of tile styles and also never assumed of also thinking about plastic flooring. I was shocked to find out it was a vinyl flooring but I liked it so much I determined to go see it in person.

After I did some study I discovered out that it was in fact Tarkett Vinyl. This floor covering is in their Easy Living Collection and also is called Rich Onyx. I selected up the example and enjoyed it, and when they valued it out for the master restroom I discovered out the materials.

We additionally still had ceramic floor tile in half the shower room to get rid of. The cost for elimination and installment, so we chose to pay them to mount it.

The installation of the Tarkett vinyl floor covering was easy as well as quick! Mike had currently eliminated the vanity. The installers removed the commode and also the leftover ceramic tile. Then they installed the new subfloor and also plastic floor covering and put everything back together. Every one of that took around 4 hours.

Now that I have actually lived with the flooring for several months I can tell you there are lots of shock benefits to vinyl flooring, that make me wonder why I was so worried to use it. There are so many benefits however below are the top reasons I enjoy it.

Low Cost

Discovering a flooring that sets you back less than $310 is remarkable! If I intend to change the floor in a pair years, I will not really feel guilty due to the fact that it was so cost-effective although I love it a lot I don’t see that occurring soon. Floor tile is a financial investment in both time and money.

Beautiful Appearance

This is definitely not your grandma’s vinyl flooring. Nobody believes this floor is vinyl!

Easy to Clean

Besides the appearance this is my preferred part about this floor. Honestly, I assumed having ceramic in the shower room was disgusting. The grout was always gross. It constantly looked filthy regardless of how much I cleaned it. The vinyl floor is simple to sweep, vacuum, and also mop. Nothing stays with it. This is the floor for you if you like low maintenance!


This was a pleasurable shock to me. Our ceramic floor tile was always very unsafe, and also I was stressed over falling. Vinyl flooring does not obtain very unsafe in all since it wicks away water.


Plastic floor covering is much quieter than a ceramic or wood floor. It would certainly be wonderful in a high web traffic area to decrease noise.

I was actually nervous concerning my choice to make use of plastic floor covering however it is just one of the best selections I have actually made for your home. If you’re on a little budget plan don’t shy away from this as a choice. I’ve currently bought the materials to do our other bathroom with this flooring. It’s stunning as well as centsible!

Right here’s the link to the Tarkett plastic flooring again. Just click the “Where to Acquire” Switch under the product image and also discover a store near you!

Now that you have actually seen our flooring take a trip of the entire remodelling with all of our budget-saving pointers. Head over to our washroom expose!

How Our Laminate Floors Are Holding Up

As a home style blogger, I obtain great deals of questions regarding the products that I utilize in my home. Among one of the most inquired about products is our floor covering. Nearly 2 years earlier, we replaced the flooring in the whole front of our home as well as put down a laminate flooring item. Today, I’m going to offer my sincere opinion concerning our selection to use laminate floorings in the kitchen, consuming area, living room, playroom, and corridor.

Allow’s rewind for a min … When we moved into our house 5 years back, the flooring situation was much less than ideal. We knew that we ‘d ultimately desire to replace the linoleum floors in the kitchen and also the white carpeting that was all over else.

As you can see, the flooring required to be changed. I always disliked the appearance of the cheap linoleum in the kitchen, and the white carpet was impossible for me to keep clean. I ‘d vacuum the entire house 2-3 times a week, and even then it looked terrible.

When we initially started talking about changing the flooring, I knew it was probably mosting likely to be laminate timber floor covering for the win. As high as I would certainly have enjoyed to do wood, we were replacing A Lot flooring, and also I knew that laminate would be much more economical for the look I desired.

I also knew that I wanted ONE kind of flooring throughout the whole front of the house. I didn’t want a patchwork of flooring.

Just how do laminate floors perform in the cooking area?

My straightforward solution: They do wonderful! We do not have a problem with wetness, and I absolutely make sure to clean up water off of the floor as quickly as possible, but we have found that our floor covering is very long lasting as well as well-suited to our cooking area. My daughter, like the majority of five-year-olds, spills on it all the moment, and it’s very easy to wipe up.

The kitchen is clearly one of the most-used areas in your home, and we have not seen a bit of wear in right here. They look as new and also as great as the day they were installed.

The floor covering proceeds from the kitchen/eating location and right into the living-room. One more inquiry I get asked a great deal is:


Well, I am not a flooring expert, but I think it does look and feel real. When people come to our house, they ask if it is real wood or not, so I don’t think most people can tell a difference.

When you first enter the house, here is a shot that shows what the flooring looks like. An additional inquiry I obtain asked a whole lot is:


One time I dropped a sharp pair of scissors on the floor, and it left a pretty good ding in it. Another time, my husband dragged the stove out and then pushed it back, which left a few scratches in the floor. I just used a Mohawk Touch-Up marker (affiliate link) on the floor to color in the scratches, and you can’t even see them.

We were so happy with these floors that we had our hallway and playroom carpet ripped out last fall, and the same laminate flooring installed. I love the look of one continuous flooring throughout most of our house.


Our floor is a laminate item by Mohawk and also the color is called “Toasted Chestnut.” That’s about all I know … ha!

So, ideally, this responds to some of the inquiries you might have concerning our flooring. To sum it all up: I am very pleased with our choice, we have no grievances, as well as it has been a beautiful and very durable choice for our home! This message remains in no other way funded, as well as these viewpoints are entirely my very own.